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Puzzle crafting & workshops • Laboratorio di giochi d'ingegno • Atelier de puzzles
by Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber
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  The new Tangram with a touch of magic that will surprise your intellect and challenge your creativity!
  The author and inventor, G. Sarcone, added a touch of magic to the classic Tangram. In fact, you will discover in the following pages how to make your own TangraMagic puzzle to perform various geometrical magic tricks and face some intriguing challenges!
(pages en français / pagine in italiano)
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Tangramagic puzzle 2
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Archimedes journal ARCHIMEDES journal is an interactive review devoted to entertaining & involving the readers with puzzles, recreational mathematics and visual creativity. This journal is published for an audience without a specific math background. Each issue covers a broad range of mental and hands-on activities for the reader to enjoy! Workshop image "How to focus attention? Encourage creative exploration?" Multicultural interactive puzzle activities & workshops for museums and institutions.
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