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Planetary Mind Reading

The trick

Explain in your own words:

"This is one of the first demonstrations of e-mind reading. Electromagnetic energy from the pc monitor senses and interprets your brain waves through internet. Your thoughts will be displayed directly on the screen! Caution: This technology is new and still under development. To function properly, the demonstration requires the combined mental energy of at least 2 people"

Ask your friend to write down the name of any planet shown in the diagram below on a slip of paper and show it to you.


Then, you can argue that:

"To ensure the test is valid, do not say the planet out loud and keep the paper out of view of the screen!"

"Concentrate" together. Click the mouse once - and the name of that planet appears on the screen!


You click on what seems to be a single link: Click here

In reality EACH letter is an individual link:

Letter Position Planet
C 1 Mercury
l 2 Venus
i 3 Earth
c 4 Mars
k 5 Jupiter
h 6 Saturn
e 7 Uranus
r 8 Neptune
e 9 Pluto

If the person writes Mars. Mars is the 4th planet of the solar system (see the diagram). Click on the 4th letter from the left, which is "c". The Mars page will display.

Enter the E-guessing trick

When you are ready to begin click here, call your friend over and enjoy!


You can use whatever you want from this page, but please credit us! We would appreciate receiving any comment, suggestions or corrections concerning our Magic Mental Trick pages. Thanks.
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