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Test your Concentration/Intuition


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9) Ouch... out of the ring!
Sure, it is easy to draw 2 squares using all 8 dots of the illustration shown below... But can you delimit just one perfect square (the ring) by connecting all the dots together?

square ring
Easy! Check answer

10) Hulk, hypertrophied G.I. or... ?
Can you complete correctly the rest of the drawing with your imagination? Try to make a coherent image using also your sense of humor...
Hulk or GI
Check solution...

11) Memory test
Spend a few moments (approx. 10-15 seconds) looking at the drawing below and try to remember it. Then hide the image, take a pencil and try to reproduce the pattern on a paper sheet.

memory test
hide image check answer

12) Swiss cross
Can you find the cross (on the left) in the square below?


check solution

13) Mental math
Count MENTALLY the diagonal white dots and
determine their exact number:


there are 22 white dots 23 white dots 24 white dots

14) Bermuda Triangle
Read attentively the article of the journal below and detect any incongruity!

Bermuda triangle
The answer is...

15) Rapid math
Check your mental calculating speed: add up quickly the numbers listed below.



+      10
See answer

• You've found more than 9 right answers: you're simply a genius! We're kidding... You have just a high level of O-POWERS (and that's no mean skill)
• You've found at least 9 right answers: well, you're on the right track...
• You've found less than 9 right answers: you absolutely have to train your sense of observation! Read more recreational puzzle books...

We need your contribution!
Send your favorite critical or visual thinking test to: Archimedes' Lab

Please, keep all images you submit below 50Kb. We prefer JPEG / JPG formatted files (all text is welcome!). Note also that your submissions may be edited or formatted to the discretion of Archimedes' Lab and that we'll credit ALL our contributors who send an ORIGINAL idea!


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