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Semitic Roots

  In etymology, a root comprises the core form of a word, often in a primitive attestation or even in a reconstruction. Root forms have importance in deducing the structure of language families.
  Do you know that alcool, amiral, azure, coffee, paradise are loanwords of semitic origin? The Appendix of Semitic Roots below is designed to allow the readers to trace English words derived from Semitic languages back to their fundamental components in Proto-Semitic, the parent language of all ancient and modern Semitic languages.
  A distinctive characteristic of the Semitic languages is the formation of words by the combination of a “root” of consonants in a fixed order, usually three, and a “pattern” of vowels and, sometimes, affixes before and after the root. The root indicates a semantic field, while the pattern both narrows meaning and provides grammatical information.

Semitic basic roots
b bb bq
d dm n
gr r
lp mm
mn mr pd
pl d wr
wy yb yy
zr cbd cr
clm cly cmm
cmr cms cqb
crb crp crq
cr cd ctr
cr cwr cyn
czz br bcl
bdl bdw by
bhm bhw br
bkr bn bny
brk brr bry
bm byn byt
dbq dbr1 dbr2
dgn dl dm
dpr drn dr
dwd dwr dyn
bb hb
kr nb rw
w1 w2 yn
gbb gbl gbr
gdr ghd glb
gll glm gmd
gml1 gml2 gmr
gnb gnn gpr
grr gwy gy
gyl gzr dn
mr rb rp
rr rz
wl wr zw
hbb hdg hdy
hgr hlk hll
hmz hnn hrr
hrs hm hwy
d r gb
gg km lb
ll lw md
ml mr nk
nn p qq
rb rm r
sd l
p wk
wr yw zq
zy ll lp
m rb r
sn yr zn
kcb kbb khw
kl kll kmn
kms kpp1 kpp2
kpr1 kpr2 krb
k kr kwl
kwn kw kyl
l lk lb
lbn lm lr
lmd lwq lwy
m ml mlk
mnn mnw mr
mrr msr m
m m mt
mwt my1 my2
ncm ncr nbr
nr ngd ng
nhr nm np
np npy nqb
nqr ntn ny
nm nr nwb
nwn nwr p
pdy pl pll
pl pqr prd
prh pr pr
ps ptw pr
qcd qbl qb
qbw qdm qd
qhr qhw qly
qm qnw qpl
qr qr qrb
qrm qry qsm
qb qy qn
qwd qww rb
r ry rcy
rbc rbb rb
rby rgb rgl
rgm r rb
rl rm rmy
rp rc rwm
rwy rym rzm
rzz sdr sg
skk smd smk
sm spr sqc
swd1 swd2 cb
bk gd km
m mq qq
rc rb rp1
rp2 rq rr
ry n
wl yc y
l bc bt
b dd gc
g l kn
kr lm l
m mc mm
mn m mm
n nn pr
qc qm q
qy ry w
w wr wy
br dq b
q l nc
pn pp pr1
pr2 pp qc
rp rr wp
wy1 wy2 y
b rb
rw yq thm
tt tll tmm
tmr twm tww
mny n
p ql qq
bc n p
r rp wq
yb yr ll
w wcd wbl
wdd wdy wgn
wkl wly wqc
wr wrw wsm
wsp wl wy
wtp wc wb
wzr yb yb
yd ydc ymn
ywm ywn zbl
zmr zqr zy

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