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Advertising games and puzzles
for every marketing and communication field


Do you want to astonish
your clients, partners or colleagues
with a little object which captures attention?

Standardized and impersonal promotional items, no longer reflect the innovative qualities which a Company would and should express... Are you looking for something new and original? A lively way to promote your Company? A unique manner to get in touch with your business connections?

-- Why not a puzzle? --

Curiosity is inside us all a natural need - our smart games and puzzles capture attention while publicizing your services or products. A puzzle has a permanent promotional value! Let us work for you to invent and create your eye-catching and distinctive custom puzzles or manipulatives for educational, advertising or premium applications.

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For manufacturers or distributors...
You are a puzzle/game manufacturer and in search of new products? We, puzzle experts and specialists in creating educational manipulatives, can offer you our latest creations. We have sold or licensed some of our original inventions to many Companies which delight millions around the world. Do you need a clever game that sells well? Successful selling relies on specialized products, on timely merchandising themes, and on outstanding design. We have, or can invent the puzzle idea to suit your Company.

Some other advertising or educational products we've realized

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We invent and create for you custom puzzles tuned
to your message, target group, and budget.

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Un cadeau publicitaire qui fait réfléchir, c'est possible?

Considérant que la matière première du IIIème millénaire est "grise", pourquoi ne pas offrir à vos clients et partenaires une longueur d'avance? Grâce à nos puzzles, nous avons réussi la gageure de réunir jeu éducatif et impact visuel. En effet, nos jeux sont porteurs de messages "parlants":

  • intégration,
  • maîtrise,
  • sortir des limites,
  • voir autrement,
  • rendre possible...

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I giochi parlano chiaro

Considerando che la materia prima del terzo Millennio è "grigia", offrite ai vostri clienti e partner commerciali un puzzle che farà parlare di voi diversamente. Distinguersi dagli altri è importante. Il linguaggio dei giochi è chiaro:

  • integrazione,
  • padronanza,
  • uscire dai limiti,
  • pensare diversamente,
  • rendere possibile...

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