The Puzzling Ramanujan’s Magic Square

As you maybe know, a magic square is a square divided into smaller squares each containing a number, such that the figures in each vertical, horizontal, and diagonal row add up to the same value.

In this particular magic square by Ramanujan, fields of the same color add up to 139. The first row – highlighted in the bottom-right magic square – shows his date of birth.

The Genius Of Numbers

Master of Numbers

Photomosaic portrait of Albert Einstein made with random photographs of numbers.
It is only when the viewer moves away from the image that the portrait of Einstein appears. It is the distance that creates and unveils the truth, because everything is relative, as Einstein once said, and everything depends on the context, the environment or the point of view.

The Master of Numbers
Collage – mixed media, 2006

This op art work is exhibited in many Museums and galleries all around the world and is available as prints and canvases from our online gallery.