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Archimedes Merchandising is a volunteer-driven initiative. We rely on donations to achieve our mission - to inspire and motivate people with challenging mental activities.

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Puzzles: rompicapo (It), casse-tête (Fr), rompecabezas (Sp), Denk- und Knobelspiele (Ger), quebra-cabeça (Por), breinbrekers (Du), hlavolamy (Cz), головоломки (Ru), חידה (He), σπαζοκεφαλιά (Gr), 智力游戏 (Ch), パズル (Jap).

Train your brain with clever puzzles!
  We believe that you came to this braintainment site because you love doing puzzles and brain teasers and that you enjoy wrestling with logic and geometry problems. You lucky folks, research says it's good for you; brain games and mental activities keep your brain young and active. Think about it: even though the brain comprises only about 2% of the total body weight, it receives 15-20% of the body's blood and oxygen supply. And that means a lot!

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Rompicapo domenicale
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Casse-tête du dimanche
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bouncing ballNEW! Take a visit to our amazing Puzzle Archive. The biggest puzzle and brainteaser collection!
small tangramagicTangraMagic: the new Tangram puzzle with a touch of magic that will surprise your intellect and challenge your creativity! small eggMost wanted puzzle solutions: Nine Dot problem, Five Room House brainteaser, Double-W puzzle.
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abracadrain puzzlesResolve our Abracada-brain twisters (En, It, Fr, Es) pix gamesWeekly 'paint by number' and Sudoku-like puzzles

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Paradoxical trianglesFigure out how the magic Vanish puzzle works free puzzle sampleDownload our free Do-it-yourself puzzle (PDF)
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Connect4 MasterMind Solitaire 15 puzzle Nim puzzle Reversi/Othello Dominoes Flippo
Connect4 MasterMind Solitaire 15Puzzle Nim Reversi Domino Flippo
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A large collection of brain teasers and mechanical puzzles for you to solve or to offer and challenge your friends and family.
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A great selection of compelling books that keep you amused for hours and that help develop logic as well as critical thinking skills!
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Meet G. Sarcone, the author of Archimedes Lab, on his website dedicated expressely for publishers & content acquirers seeking original publishing and editorial projects.
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