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The tagline of this site is "Puzzles: Can you believe it?" And your answer will almost certainly be "Absolutely not!" once you get a look at the number of IQ tests, optical illusions, droodles (that's a combo doodle/riddle) and other creative games, curiosities, crafts and whirligigs. Archimedes, that Sicilian wonder who, among many other discoveries, figured out the weight of a body in water, must have had quite a busy laboratory in which he conducted his experiments. This virtual lab borrows the empirical spirit and creative curiosity that Archimedes brought to his work and invites visitors to explore with the same expectations for mind-blowing discovery. Perfect for kids, this hands-on wonderland puts young scientists in the driver's seat for endless learning and fun. -- SCIENTIFIC


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Inspiring & creative resources

Puzzle Archive
The largest puzzle database

What’s special about this number?

Weekly Pencil Puzzles
Paint-by-number & Sudoku-like puzzles

Tangram Puzzle
All you need to know about this lasting game


New Puzzle To Solve
We will be putting a challenging math puzzle here on a regular basis for you to ponder and try to resolve!

Visual Maths
Curious and stunning math concepts you never learned

A word on Math & Perception puzzles

Tips for solving puzzles

More amazing magic tricks and puzzles from our book "Impossible Folding Puzzles & Other Mathematical Paradoxes"!
Impossible Folding Puzzles

Introduzione Magic experiments Do-it-yourself puzzle Make your own 3D visual puzzle Perpetual calendar Knight's tour Vanish puzzle Prime finder About Math and Puzzles Weekly optical illusion features Puzzle Shop Fraction patterns Nine Dot problem Friends Numberopedia Puzzle activities & workshops Sponsor Math Fitness Curiopticals Laboratori Sitemap Cards Books Mastermind Workshops Pencil games Eye Popping Extravaganza of VIsual Tricks TangraMagic Ostomachion FantaLogica Sudoku-like puzzles Illusions & Paradoxes Puzzle content for publishers Oddities & Curiosities Droodles Fibonacci numbers Create your own puzzle Best Teacher Monthly Puzzle Archimedes' Journal Latin wordplays Our Philosophy & Goals Alcuin's puzzles Tangram Super Optical Illusions Weekly features About us Five Room House Double-W puzzle Etymology of the word puzzle Abracada-brain Einführung Rules to Puzzle Solving Life Game Contact Mind & Brain Palestra della matematica Hidden Picture Puzzles Educational content for digital media and the press


What is "seeing" exactly?

What is an Optical Illusion?

Unique illusions to share from our FB gallery!



Illusion Gallery
Stretch your brain and trick your mind with these brain-bending

Color Test
Perform the famous Ishihara pseudoisochromatic test

Interactive static images that magically move!

Breathing Hexagon
Color influences the perception of motion


Magic Mental Card
Do you believe in mind reading? Take part in this peculiar experiment!

Planetary Mind Reading
Perform this online baffling trick to your friends

The 13th Magic Crystal Skull
A "vanish puzzle"' that will amaze your audience



Enjoy doing these deceptive online visual experiments!

Can you really control your Mind?

Clever useful ideas from our FB How-To Tutorials

Try also our amazing puzzles and games with your friends and family



Create Your Own Puzzle
Build your own puzzle and try hundreds of activities

Tutorial To Create A Magic Tangram
A surprising Tangram puzzle with a touch of magic

Perpetual Calendar Tables
Print the tables and use them to guess the day of the week for any given date



Creative Workshops
Puzzle workshops & activities to exchange ideas, entertain and instruct
italiano Laboratorio di Giochi Matematici / Palestra della Mente
Ateliers / Animations de Jeux Mathématiques

For Publishers & Agencies
Capture the attention of your readers/clients with clever contents



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archimedes lab logoArchimedes Laboratory Project
Mental & Perceptual Activities that Enhance
Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

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