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Submit your creative ideas to Archimedes Laboratory
"Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark!" "Risvegliate la curiosità della gente. È sufficiente aprire la mente, non sovraccaricarla. Metteteci soltanto una scintilla!" "Excitez seulement la curiosité [des gens]. Contents d’ouvrir les esprits, ne les surchargez point.   Mettez-y l’étincelle!"
- Anatole France

Archimedes' Laboratory seeks original and imaginative material from all English, French or Italian-speaking humans.

All contributions reporting information pertaining to recreational mathematics, mechanical puzzles, optical illusions, brain & mind, and visual creativity will be considered from all disciplines (before submitting material we recommend, however, that you browse through Archimedes' Lab website to get an idea of the sort of material we publish!).

Articles should be original and must contain information useful for helping readers improve their creativity, their problem solving and/or their mathematical skills. Please, LIMIT your submission to one page text in A4-size format including 1 up to 3 images (illustrations, photos, drawings... Size: 300 pixel/cm; format: jpg). Text should be clear and concise. If possible, attach your submission as a Microsoft Word or SimpleText file. Don't forget to include your name, and your e-mail in the document!

We receive many submissions and we review each one. However, submission does not guarantee publication. We will contact you only if your article is accepted for use. We cannot guarantee acceptance or date of publication of any submission. Every contributor whose submission is selected will have the possibility to include his/her complete contact address(es) and a link back to his/her personal website. No article will be published in Archimedes' Lab website, without the express approval of the author. Copyright of the article submitted must belong to the submitting author, and the author will retain this copyright; however, by submitting work, authors give Archimedes' Lab their permission to publish the work and to distribute it in any format.

Archimedes' Lab is a non-profit site and is not in a position to pay for submissions, however with a regular monthly audience of up to 100,000 visitors, contributors can be assured of reaching an extremely wide audience.

Send your submission to our postal address, or via email to SUBMISSION.


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Etre publié online!
Contribuez, envoyez-nous vos articles sur les maths récréatives, les illusions d'optique et/ou les jeux de l'esprit... Il vous suffit de rédiger un article original d'une page en format Word accompagné de 1 à 3 images (gif ou jpg) et de nous l'envoyer. Vous serez informé au cas où votre article serait retenu pour publication.

Vuoi essere pubblicato sul sito Archimedes' Lab? Italiano
Condividete le vostre idee, contribuite alla community di Archimedes' Lab; spediteci i vostri articoli sulla matematica ricreativa, le illusioni ottiche, la mente e il cervello... Basta redigere un articolo originale di una pagina in formato Word, con 1 o 3 immagini (gif o jpg) e spedircelo. Vi avvertiremo nel caso il vostro articolo fosse preso in considerazione per una pubblicazione online.

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