Visual Maths

Mathematical objects like spirals and fractals can serve as art. Their deceptively simple nature adds an extra allure to this artistic expression.

Explore the realm of Visual Mathematics, a distinctive fusion of Art and Math. Delve into intricate diagrams, tables, and visually captivating pieces that provide a delightful experience for both the eye and the mind. Visit our online gallery for prints, posters, and t-shirts showcasing beautiful math art.

Math and Art
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The Golden Ratio is implemented in circles, serving as a mathematical ratio for generating aesthetically pleasing designs. Given its prevalence in nature, the natural appearance of outcomes is unsurprising.

Golden ratio with circles
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The Golden Diamond presents an asymptotic monomorphic dissection of the equilateral triangle. Each tile follows proportions aligned with the golden ratio in relation to the outer triangle.

Golden ratio with equilateral triangles
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Golden Spiral created using equilateral triangles. The Padovan spiral follows a recursive sequence akin to the Fibonacci sequence.

Padovan spiral
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