NEW! “Illusion d’Optique” Magic Playing Cards

Limited Signed Edition (less than 100 samples)
For Art, Math and Magic Lovers!

Order now your exclusive “Illusion d’Optique” playing card deck designed by puzzle master Gianni A. Sarcone!

Packaging printed with optical ink and placed in a protective transparent plastic case.

Inside, you’ll find 54 eye-popping original optical illusions. Watch closely as colors change, shapes transform and static, printed ink seems to come alive. Sarcone has included updated versions of classic illusions, plus innovative new concepts he developed after years of study. “Illusion d’Optique” is not only a beautiful deck, but it also serves as fascinating proof that seeing is not necessarily believing.

Cost: 17 € (please, don’t order more than two decks at a time, thank you!)

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A world without problems is an illusion, so is a world without solutions.” – G. Sarcone

Gianni A. Sarcone is a visual artist and author from Italy with over 30 years’ experience in the fields of visual creativity, recreational mathematics and educational games. Much of his art blurs the line between cognitive sciences and communication. As Gianni puts it, his work is intended to “encourage people to look beyond what seems obvious and to open their mind to new emotions and dimensions.

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