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Guide, Manuali e Metodi • Nos Guides, Manuels et Méthodes
"Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark!" "Risvegliate la curiosità della gente. È sufficiente aprire la mente, non sovraccaricarla. Metteteci soltanto una scintilla!" "Excitez seulement la curiosité [des gens]. Contents d’ouvrir les esprits, ne les surchargez point.   Mettez-y l’étincelle!"
- Anatole France
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I manuali nati dalla nostra esperienza!
Dilemma della gallina e paradosso di pinocchio

Manuale per insegnare a ragionare bene divertendosi

Metodo "Sarcone & Waeber"

Pagine: 216
Con illustrazioni b/n del famoso fumettista R. Crosa.
ISBN: 978-88-6153-092-8
La Meridiana

Alcuni giochi sono tratti dalla nostra rubrica Enigmi con i Folletti pubblicati nella rivista 'Focus BrainTrainer'.

Libro FantaLogica
Con questo manuale l'animatore, l'educatore, il formatore o il docente possono elaborare divertentissimi laboratori di logica e matematica ricreativa!
Costo: €16.00, ordinalo adesso su
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A cocktail of 53 logic puzzles!
A resource of puzzle activities for running recreational math workshops (in Italian).
216 pages, b/w illustrations

Price: £18.00, order it from Amazon now

Un cocktail de 53 jeux de logique
Pour élaborer des ateliers de mathématiques récréatives (en italien).
216 pages
, illustrations en n/b

Prix: €24.00, commandez-le sur

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Libro Matemagica

Giochi d'ingegno con la matematica

Metodo "Sarcone & Waeber"

Pagine: 160
167 illustrazioni b/n
ISBN: 88-89197-56-0
La Meridiana

Per realizzare laboratori giocosi di matematica e affinare il senso critico...

cosa si può realizzare...
Per la Scuola dell'obbligo. Per insegnanti, educatori, formatori, animatori, operatori culturali... e per tutti gli appassionati di rompicapi e giochi d'ingegno!
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Costo: €14.00, ordinalo adesso su
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Blackline Masters for Making over 25 funny Math Puzzles!
A collection of paradoxes and puzzles with easy-to-follow instructions (in Italian).
160 pages, 167 original illustrations!

Price: £17.00, order it from Amazon now

Un manuel pour réaliser des ateliers de casse-tête et de puzzles mathématiques
Recueil de jeux et curiosités mathématiques à réaliser en classe ou entre amis (en italien).
160 pages
, 167 illustrations originales!

Prix: €14.00, commandez-le sur

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• Chi sono i geniali autori di Archimedes' Lab?
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Optical illusions [top]
  Some illusions teach us to doubt and to question the many appearances of the reality - they are a kind of school of life!
  The illusions that the authors demonstrated in their books/guides are, for the greater part, products of their own imagination, sometimes discovered by chance and in other cases they deliberately set out to discover new ways to view existing optical illusions and present them under a new light.
  Many were created and perfected during their perceptive puzzle workshops which are held for the benefit of children and adults alike.
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Art Prints
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• The creative people behind Archimedes' Lab...
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L'almanach du matheux [top]
Almanach du Mathématicien en Herbe
Un manuel pour créer et résoudre des casse-tête ingénieux ou pour mettre sur pied des ateliers de maths récréatives...
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"Almanach du mathématicien en herbe"
Un livre pour les amateurs de casse-tête et les profs de maths
Recueil de casse-tête et curiosités pour apprivoiser les secrets de la géométrie en s'amusant.
ISBN: 2-8446-9025-4; 128 pages.
Bref aperçu du livre
arrow Pour commander en France.
Prix version PDF: 7.00
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A book for puzzle lovers of all ages & math teachers
A collection of original optical illusions and ingenious puzzles
with easy-to-follow instructions that let you both create and solve them on your own (in French).
Paperback, 200 original illustrations!
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Price PDF version: $8.50 
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• Qui sont les géniaux protagonistes de Archimedes' Lab?
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Optische Täuschungen [top]
 Im Wort „Illusion“ findet sich der lateinische Wortstamm ludus für „spielen“. Weil Illusionen tatsächlich mit unseren Sinnen spielen, ziehen sie unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf sich; wir empfinden sie als merkwürdig und interessant. Könnte es also sein, dass optische Illusionen deshalb so faszinieren, weil wir uns gern verwirren lassen?
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Optische Tauschungen
Neu! Optische Täuschungen
Fantastische Optische Illusionen
Fantastische Optische Illusionen
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• Wer sind die kreative Personen hinter Archimedes' Lab?
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