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“Good actions give strength
to ourselves and inspire
good actions in others.”
- Plato

Invest in sustainable development of brain cells through mind games

Do you like our site and our educational activities? Do you find it useful? Then why not becoming our Sponsor?

We distinguish ourselves as a dynamic and flexible structure rich with diversity that maintains strong relationships with submitters and visitors, and are able to survive without any subvention or financial help from governments, or other financial institutions.

Why should you support this site? Because we are:
1) Free,
2) Independent,
3) Committed to providing you access to the best resource for math education and brain training.

Ways you can contribute to Archimedes' Lab include:
1) donating,
2) advertising with us,
2) purchasing some of our products or books online,
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Archimedes' Laboratory is becoming one of the top web resource for educational and mental activities. By making a contribution to Archimedes' Lab, you help provide visitors with outstanding and free educational activities. Your support will encourage our small non-profit organization to continue providing a wide array of educational online articles and programs to the community and the world.

Our partner Paypal offers a service which allows you to safely donate money from anywhere in the world. If you would like your name to appear in the list of supporters, then please include such a statement when filling out the Paypal order information, otherwise your donation will be totally anonymous.

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Individuals or companies involved in self improvement, human development, culture, education and nature conservation... This is the right place to promote your activities and services by participating in a great educational project!

Advertising your Business on Archimedes' Lab will provide you with instant exposure to our large audience of puzzle and game enthusiasts and open-minded, inquisitive people of all ages.

Since we appeal to such a cross-section of people interested in games, education and formation, we provide the ideal way for you to reach your potential customers.

You will find here the pricing for specific sizes and dimensions of advertisements available.

We DON'T advertise non-educational related sites, and Gambling sites, - such as Poker and Casino online sites.

To inquire about ad placement, please contact us with full details which should include contact information and a description of the product, service or company to be advertised, thanks!

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For 17 years, we have been delivering endless learning and fun worldwide! In our secure shopping environment, you will find a collection of unique articles. A
ll proceeds from our Puzzle Store or from our Book Store help fund our website and our many educational activities.

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