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optical illusion

From the same authors of the article
Sarcone and Waeber
Curiopticals, ISBN 1847322298
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What are you looking at, ISBN 1847321836
Eyetricks, ISBN 1844427773
Make your own 3D illusions
Make your own 3D illusions, ISBN 1844426327
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Dazzling Optical Illusions
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MateMagica, ISBN 8889197560
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L'Almanach du mathématicien en herbe, ISBN 2844690254

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playing kids Workshops
  There is no such thing as
an attention span...
There is only the quality of what
you are viewing. People have infinite
attention if you are entertaining them.

- Jerry Seinfeld
Laboratori Italiano italiano
Ateliers Français francais
Fun puzzle workshops to entertain and instruct

"I listen, I forget; I see, I recall; I do, I understand"
How to focus the attention? Give a desire to participate? Encourage the creative explorating? By “catalyzing” the natural curiosity of the children (and of the grown-ups, of course).

In addition to our editorial activities, we propose and organize puzzle workshops and activities for cultural or scientific events. We are puzzle enthusiasts, along with our educational games and exhibit material we frequently travel all over Europe to attend cultural and educational events, holding workshops and sharing our knowledge and ideas with adults and children alike (training courses, exhibitions, workshops). We aim to communicate the wonder of science and mathematics to the public in exciting, involving and entertaining ways: by creating, experimenting and demonstrating hands-on puzzles. Our interactive activities and workshops are intended for an interested general public having no prior specific math or scientific knowledge (appropriate for children age 11 and up).

We offer and perform non-stop puzzle activities and workshops, and optical illusion shows and exhibitions for
• Museums, schools
• Companies, public institutions, organizations (training)
• Communication agencies
• Congresses, Meetings
• Festivals, fairs, scientific or cultural events.

Here below are two of our most requested activities & workshops:

I. MatheMagics
origami craneFrom a recreational angle, mathematics can lead us to the discovery of weird paradoxes challenging our common sense. Each student/visitor who attends this workshop will experiment and realize his own ‘magic’ math puzzle with everyday materials and explore different branches of mathematics. Our main object is to sharpen the eyes of the young and adult participants to the unexpected surprises that even the simplest things can reveal.
II. Eyes vs Mind
impossible diceUnder the guidance of an expert facilitator each person taking part in this workshop will be involved in particular situations where the mind deceives us. Everyone will discover original optical illusions, realize a perceptive puzzle and discover some incredible paradoxes of the mind and of our visual system... Sure, it is fun to be astonished by an illusion, but it is even more fun and instructive to imagine how it could actually be possible!

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with orginal games invented by us, and also with everyday objects, we have entertained thousands of people at conventions and festivals... Our great asset is to know how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary: with objects or experiments which seem at first sight 'banal', we involve you more and more!

The structure of our shows and workshops is dynamic because we concentrate on the essentials leaving ample space for creative improvisation which integrates perfectly with projects and programs linked to cultural, educational and social themes.

We also hold occasional 'creative thinking' and 'creative improvisation' workshops. During these workshops, exercices and puzzle examples will be used to spark ideas that will energize your brain and increase your ability to realize your objectives. Sometimes, creativity is simply making new things out of ordinary objects and situations!

Our objectives are to:
- improve the spread of Mathematics and Science through simple experiments and games;

- awaken the general public to scientific themes arousing curiosity and amazement;
- revalue and promote the 'manual ability' and other forms of expression or didactic means;
- supply a balanced vision of Science and to help young people to overcome the 'fear of mistakes' encouraging them to transform those mistakes or problems into occasions of improvement and creative opportunity;
- stimulate the impromptu creativity or rather the capacity to create new things out of everyday objects, ready to hand following the inspiration of the moment;
- Promote integration and cultural exchanges.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much rooms do you need for your activities?
- Generally, a minimum space of 3x4 meters.

Do you need specific facilities or furniture?
- No, just a well-lit site with 2 or more tables along with 4 chairs. If possible, screens and panels to display posters and visual materials.

Do you need a particular location?
- Preferably a place with maximum visibility where people are constantly coming and going.

Are you bringing any materials?
- Yes! Posters, some risk-free ‘scientific’ devices, a lot of mechanical puzzles and hands-on materials.

How much do your activities and workshops cost?
- 500.00 Euros for minimum 2 days (5 hours a day). Workshop prices include 2 facilitators, and rental equipment.

Are there extra expenses?
- Yes, travelling + board and lodging expenses must be taken care of by the requestor/organizer (or are billed in addition to and separately from fees for activities and services). As invited lecturers/facilitators, we usually ask the requestor/organizer who schedules our workshop(s) to take all necessary steps for arranging our trip and logding enough in advance.

small arrow Samples of puzzles we realize with the visitors.
small arrow Samples of mechanical puzzles the visitors can manipulate and solve.
small arrow camera Photo gallery of our workshops and exhibits.
small arrow Program of our forthcoming activities (workshops & exhibits).
small arrow Complete bibliography of Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber.

puzzling afternoon   Salon des Mathématiques, Paris (F)
salon du jeu mathématique 2000




Workshops and activities by
arrow Archimedes' Lab arrow

 girls playing
ESOF 2010,
Turin (I)

Francesco trying a puzzle
Trinitapoli (I)
Festival della Scienza
Mente che Mente,
Genoa (I)
Workshops in Paris
Festival des Maths,
Paris (F)
Festival des Sciences
Festival des Sciences, Chamonix (F)
workshop in Gradara
Gradara Ludens,
Gradara (I)
workshops in Lutry
Atelier à ciel ouvert,
Lutry (CH)

camera Photo gallery of our workshops and exhibits.


Events we took part in:
(Mouscron, B)
Festival des Sciences
(Chamonix, F)
Festival des Passions Technologiques
(Bourges, F)
Convegno sulla Didattica della Matematica
(Castel S.Pietro, I)
Maths 2000
(Paris, F)
Université des
Mathématiques d'été
(1997, Orléans, F)
Formation Continue
(CO La Broye, CH)
5th World Skeptics Congress
(Abano Terme, I)
La Mente che Mente
(Festival della Scienza 2004, Genova, I)
Festival del Libro per ragazzi
(Associazione Koinos, Molfetta, I)
Forum des Sciences
(Villeneuve-d'Ascq, F)
(Perugia Science Festival 2005, I)

Settimana dei Bambini del Mediterraneo
(Ostuni, I)
4e Congrès de l'Encéphale
(Parigi, F)
(Associazione Libriamo, Trinitapoli, I)

ESOF 2010
(EuroScience Open Forum, Turin)

For more information please contact:
Archimedes' Lab
M.-J. Waeber
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